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Heirs Technologies Unveils Disruptive, Ambitious Growth Plans

Heirs Technologies has unveiled disruptive and ambitious growth plans aimed at empowering Africa’s digital transformation through innovative and locally tailored solutions.

Obong Idiong, managing director, Heirs Technologies while unveiling the company’s plans in four IT Services areas that includes, Managed Services, IT Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing and ICT Training, said their core value is to help organizations solve problems.

“We are starting in Nigeria and wants to scale across Africa as we have similar demography and good thing about technology is that it does not have geographic limit. One thing about building technological service is that you have to ensure that it is something that can be use across boundaries that’s what creates values.

“Our main focus is how to help organizations meet their business objectives. Our purpose is to empower Africa’s digital transformation through innovative and locally tailored solutions. It is expensive to run businesses now due to high exchange rate and we want to see how we can create local substitutes, be it on manpower, technological licensing and solutions, he said”.

Managed IT Services

Idiong said: “Managed IT services is a big part of what we want to do. We want to be able to take the headache of managing technological solutions off organizations. Today, technological evolution is growing very fast and very difficult to keep in pace of the growth, and a lot of businesses want to focus on been competitive and doing that there are a lot of inefficiencies that come such as cybersecurity threat, data privacy and policy, artificial intelligent among others. These requires specialized kind of skills and investments.

“We are saying give us that headache to do, in terms of those skills gap, we have them. In terms of know-how to take care of your IT infrastructure, disaster recovery we have them. Because, we have the technologies, we have the partnerships, we have the solutions and we have the skills to be able to manage these and enable the organization focus on its core business.

Dr. Fumbi Chima, chairman, Heirs Technologies, in her opening remark said that the future world is in technology. “We intend to work with organizations so that we can become Africa’s technology hub just like what China and India are doing in technology. Future is about us. Future is all about technology.

“We are looking at creating technology opportunity that will help us to create wealth outside of Nigeria. I am looking forward to be as an organization, one of the disruptive and ambitious growth company over the next three to five years,” she noted.

IT Consulting

Its IT Consulting Services aims to help businesses improve their operations by advising them on how to use Information Technology (IT) effectively. By partnering with leading hardware & software technology manufacturers, Heirs Technologies provides clients with access to world class solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements and budget, ultimately providing competitive advantage and exponential business growth.

Business Process Outsourcing

Heirs Technologies provides IT Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services involving a range of technology-based solutions to clients, enabling them to focus on their core business functions while leveraging specialized expertise and resources.

IT Training

i-Academy, is Heirs Technologies’ training institute, dedicated to enhancing technical proficiency across the Group companies and external recruits, thereby building a talent pipeline of resources committed to rendering exceptional service delivery for our 3 business lines – OEM Support, Business Process Outsourcing, and Managed Services, that enable us achieve our revenue targets.

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