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Eunomy now has automation capabilities for compliance standards – Bamidele Obende, Eunomy CEO

Bamidele Obende, Lead Executive, Eunomy.
Bamidele Obende, Lead Executive, Eunomy.

Eunomy, a leading cybersecurity compliance, governance, and automation platform, recently announced the launch of its next-generation platform.

The new platform provides comprehensive compliance support for the most demanding industry standards, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS v4.0), Nigeria Data Protection Act (NDPA), SOC2, and IEC/ISO 27001:2022.

Eunomy Lead executive Bamidele Obende speaks on this new platform, explains its capabilities, and shares his perspectives on how companies can maintain continuous cybersecurity compliance. Excerpts below.

Can you tell us more about Eunomy’s next-generation platform’s new features and capabilities?

There are several new features, but I will just dwell on four main points:

I. New Standard Frameworks: In our latest release, we have added additional standard frameworks, such as PCI DSS 4.0, IEC/ISO 27001:2022, and SOC 2, alongside the existing NDPA. Eunomy has also been redesigned and enabled to allow organizations to onboard their own custom-built programs and frameworks easily. Organisations can subscribed to Eunomy today and have access to this functionality for their custom-built programs.

II. Company Information Security Program (CISP): Eunomy offers organizations the ability to assess their security maturity level through CISP. Organizations can join the program at any stage, from inception to advanced stages. CISP aims to assist organizations in implementing a comprehensive security program that aligns with regulatory and standard information security processes, thus maintaining trust with partners in their daily operations.

III. Real-Time Collaboration: Eunomy facilitates real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together on shared and separate initiatives. Whether it’s virtual communication or immediate idea sharing, Eunomy ensures seamless teamwork and reduces the need for time-consuming meetings. This allows team members to start working together effectively and eliminates working in silos.

IV. Automated and Continuous Compliance: Eunomy leverages artificial intelligence to automate and continuously monitor organizations’ compliance with regulatory standards. Organizations can consistently maintain their IT compliance posture by subscribing to Eunomy’s frameworks, eliminating the need for manual compliance checks.

How does the platform help organizations stay ahead of evolving regulations?

Eunomy enables organizations to easily onboard global security standard frameworks to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Using our Company Information Security Program (CISP), Eunomy identifies and scales organizations’ security maturity levels on a scale of 1-5, with level 5 being the highest. By identifying and implementing evolving regulations, frameworks, and processes, Eunomy assists organizations in keeping abreast of the dynamic information security landscape. This ensures that organizations have the necessary tools and resources to stay ahead of industry developments and maintain a robust and secure IT environment.

How can organizations use the platform to develop and implement their own security programs?

Once subscribed to the Eunomy platform, organizations can easily onboard their own internal security audit programs for third-party vendors. This eliminates the need for constant email communication and follow-ups. Instead, vendors can access the audit programs through a dedicated URL provided by Eunomy. This streamlined process allows organizations to track vendor engagement, monitor completion levels as a percentage based on their responses, and validate which vendors have accessed and submitted their responses to the program. In summary, Eunomy provides a centralized platform for organizations to efficiently manage and monitor their internal security audit programs for third-party vendors.

How does the platform provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of their security posture?

Eunomy’s CISP assists organizations in assessing their information security maturity using a scale of different levels, with level five representing the highest maturity. By leveraging the CISP, customers gain insight into their current security maturity level and receive guidance on the necessary steps to progress to the next level. This empowers organizations with valuable data and actionable recommendations to maintain compliance with relevant regulatory standards and ensure the ongoing security of their information assets.

How does the platform’s revamped UI make it easy for users to find the information they need?

In this release, Eunomy has diligently followed four key User Interface (UI) design principles. Firstly, navigation has been enhanced to provide a seamless experience for both new and existing users, facilitating ease of use on the platform. Secondly, the presentation of standard frameworks has been improved, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Thirdly, the content on the platform has been enriched, delivering valuable information to users. Additionally, Eunomy has received positive reviews from satisfied users, which can be accessed on our website for reference.

Furthermore, the interaction on the platform is characterized by rich collaboration, enabling team members to work together on tasks and activities in real-time. This fosters efficient teamwork and reduces delays in meeting deadlines for assigned projects. With these UI enhancements and collaborative features, Eunomy aims to provide its users with an intuitive, enriching, and productive experience.

What are some of the challenges that organizations face in achieving and maintaining cybersecurity compliance? How can Eunomy’s platform help organizations overcome these challenges?

Organizations often face challenges in achieving continuous compliance due to the manual processes involved. However, Eunomy addresses this issue by offering automated and continuous compliance features, eliminating the associated headaches. Eunomy provides vCISO (Virtual CISO) services to organizations that cannot afford a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) once they subscribe to our Company Information Security Program (CISP). This enables organizations to maintain a secure environment and focus on their core business while it oversees their information security processes. Eunomy understands the lack of resources or knowledgeable personnel within organizations. It ensures that relevant information about organizations subscribed to its services is readily available to mitigate this challenge. This allows new team members to quickly familiarize themselves with the organization’s subscribed standards, maturity levels, compliance status, and more.

What is your forecast for the future of cybersecurity? Where do you see the landscape evolving in the coming years? What are the biggest challenges that organizations will face? What are the most promising technologies that will help organizations protect themselves?

The cybersecurity space is constantly evolving with new technologies and online access. AI is an emerging technology that will shape the landscape, presenting both opportunities and risks. Organizations can rely on platforms like Eunomy to handle cybersecurity while focusing on their core competencies. AI integration enhances security solutions, and organizations should explore this space.

Eunomy has integrated AI technology into its cybersecurity framework to provide organizations with enhanced security solutions while focusing on their business goals. AI is among the advanced technologies that will significantly influence the cybersecurity landscape in the future, and organizations are encouraged to explore the potential benefits of incorporating AI-based solutions into their cybersecurity strategy.

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