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Blakskill App will Solve the Problem of Talent Sourcing for Organisations across Various Sectors of the Economy – Olugbenga Omojola, CEO

Blakskill limited an indigenous talent organization has developed an app designed to give organisations global access to verified talents while also giving talents (job seekers) a platform to showcase their competencies.

The app is a robust platform designed to solve the challenges organisations face in talent sourcing as well as the ones faced by job seekers in showcasing themselves to prospective employers. Blakskill provides global access to verified talents!

Mr Olugbenga Omojola, a renowned Management Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Blakskill Limited stated this while speaking with newsmen by the side-lines of the just concluded Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas , USA.

According to him, “Blakskill Limited is a robust technological platform that we invested in to solve the problem of talent sourcing for organisations across various sectors of the economy. Of course, this includes the Oil and Gas sector along with all other sectors of the economy. And how Blakskill works is this; not only does it solve the sourcing of verified talent for organisations, it also helps job seekers to showcase themselves.

“So, it’s like a bridge where job seekers can express themselves and where talent-employers can find them. An industry report indicates that Post-pandemic labor markets have demonstrated extraordinary resilience in many countries with low unemployment and growing talent shortages.

“Today, 77% of employers report difficultly in filling roles. However, Blakskill Limited provides the real-time data and insight that companies and people need to respond to today’s trends.

“So as workforce experts, we have created a platform that provides global access to verified talents. A platform where job seekers can be discovered by talent seekers who are looking to hire and retain the best talents”.

He further noted that as the global economy steadily recovers, employers are more optimistic and hiring demand remains strong.

On the importance of the app, Omojola expressed that the app provides employers with unlimited access to verified talents. ‘’By verified talents, I’m saying – for example, a Television station looking to hire an experienced reporter who has five years related experience and some other mandatory requirements can come on the platform and type ‘Television Reporter’ in the search window.

“The platform will streamline the search and bring out the profiles of professionals who fit that bill and that are already verified across various competencies; showing their proficiency levels across the required technical and behavioural competencies – and that’s just one of the functions of the app”.

Also, he noted that Blakskill could also conduct background checks on talents for recruiting organisations. ‘’You know, the app will be projecting talents that have been passed through certain checks which will include previous employer reference, social media footprints and even criminal records, depending on the type of access the platform user has subscribed to.

“The platform shortens the recruitment curve, saves organisations a lot of money and ultimately provides access to the right kind of talent. That’s for employers.

“Now, for the talents, Job seekers get the opportunity to showcase themselves and they are ranked across varied levels.

Also, they get an opportunity to access career coaching and counselling on Blakskill as well. So, not only is Blakskill designed to solve recruitment problems for organisations, it is also a platform that helps job seekers secure employments with prospective employers.

The CEO of Blakskill said that the Blakskill app is set to revolutionize the art of talent sourcing and it can be downloaded from the Playstore and Apple Store.

He also further affirmed that it is impossible to manipulate the Blakskill system as the team is made up of renowned and tested professionals who are well known both in the Private and Public sectors in Nigeria.

In his words, Omojola said, “We are people of integrity and we’ve been in business for over a decade. As a Director and CEO at Blakskill, I assure all our current and prospective subscribers that our team is made up of professionals with impeccable integrity and character.

“Blakskill is a credibile platform. We’ve been in the business of providing talent sourcing solutions to leading and growing organisations over the years and it has never happened that we would recommend a candidate that is unsuitable or that does not meet our clients specifications.

“In addition to talent sourcing, we have also been conducting background checks services before the app was created”.

Omojola is also, the founder of First Excelsia Professional Services, a Non-Executive Director at PremiumTrust Bank and the Coordinator of ‘Friends of Jesus’, a Non-Governmental Organisation.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and some other prestigious professional associations.

He is an alumnus of London Graduate School and holds a first degree in Industrial and Labour Relations with professional and academic Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Organisational Behaviour respectively.

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