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Big Brother Titans is only 2 Days Away: Here are Seven Things BBNaija and BBMzansi Have in Common

Big Brother Titans
Big Brother Titans

Big Brother Titans is almost here! The show will see Nigerians and South Africans in one house, giving strong ‘BBNaija and BBMzansi’ vibes. However, many Nigerians have never watched an episode of BBMzansi, so it may be hard to know what to expect.

Both shows follow almost similar formats and have several similarities, many of which are listed below. Here are seven things BBNaija and BBMzansi have in common:

1. Drama: When you put 10 to 25 people from different backgrounds and tribes in one communal space, there’s bound to be some trouble. However, the drama on Big Brother is even more amplified since housemates cannot communicate with the outside world. So, fans should expect Titans to have more drama than both shows had in their previous individual seasons put together.

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2. Emotional Rollercoasters: There’s never been a BBNaija or BBMzansi season without love triangles. In the past Mzansi season, there were triangles between ‘Mpho, Libo, and Nale’ and between ‘Nale, Tulz, and Thato’. In the past BBNaija season, there were also love triangles between ‘Beauty, Groovy and Chomzy’ and ‘Phyna, Eloswag, and Chomzy’. Even though one pair typically emerges from the triangles, both shows ALWAYS have them.

3. Friendship groups: This is as expected as declaring a winner for either show. Where tens of adults are gathered, there you’ll find cliques. Both shows always give us serious friendship groups that fight for each other, have each other’s back, and give us hilarious and ‘aww’ moments. We expect to see more of this when Titans premieres.

4. Delectable hosts: Both men are beautiful to watch, slay their looks, and are super talented. Fans can’t also deny that both hosts know just how to be the right amount of spicy. We can’t wait to see what their relationship will look like when they team up on BBTitans.

5. Beautiful Houses: What’s a Big Brother show without a house that makes you wish to put your life on hold for three months and live there? Nothing! We can’t wait to see what magic the MultiChoice team will pull for the Titans’ house.

6. Thoughtful tasks and wagers: Part of what makes Big Brother fun to watch are the tasks and the wagers. They give housemates opportunities to showcase their talents and allow the audience to have teachable moments.

7. Eye-opening diary sessions: Some fans live for the diary sessions and will be pleased to know that it’s not a phenomenon reserved for just BBNaija. Even BBMzansi has diary sessions, and they can be just as spicy, hilarious, or annoying as the ones on past BBNaija seasons.

Big Brother Titans is bound to have all of these elements, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out. Perhaps, the one thing that will be different on BBTitans is the grand prize of $100,000 which is as mouth-watering as it gets. The show will premiere on January 15, 2023, on DStv ch. 198, GOtv ch. 29, and Africa Magic channels.

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