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500 Students to Win Prizes on Children’s Day With mPulse Treasure Hunt

Children’s Day is a special day that honors the joy, innocence, and well-being of children all over the world. In commemoration of this significant day, MTN will host an exciting online treasure hunt on the mPulse website, with 500 lucky children standing a chance to win shopping vouchers worth 5 million Naira.

The mPulse Children’s Day Treasure Hunt is designed to engage, entertain, and challenge students in a fun and educational manner, making Children’s Day one to remember.

Participants will be required to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and knowledge as they navigate through a series of interactive puzzles, hunting for quotes that end with m-p-u-l-s-e

For a chance to win in the mPulse Children’s Day Treasure Hunt, interested participants must visit the mPulse website on Children’s Day and click on the “mPulse Children’s Day Treasure Hunt” banner to learn more about the competition and how to participate, search through the general quotes posted on different pages of the mPulse website to find the six (6) quotes that end with the individual letters of m-P-u-l-s-e and input the quotes into the boxes on the Treasure Hunt form provided.

The first 500 respondents to enter the six (6) quotes with mPulse letters in the correct order will win a N10,000 shopping voucher and a mPulse winner badge.

The treasure hunt not only allows students to apply their knowledge, but it also promotes the development of digital literacy.

By using technology as a tool for learning and problem-solving, participants will hone their digital skills and gain valuable insights into the digital world, preparing them for a future in which technology plays a significant role.

The mPulse Children’s Day Treasure Hunt is more than just winning prizes; it is a celebration of every child’s potential and creativity.

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