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V-CON Malaysia 2023: Nigerian Journalists Experience


The 2023 V-Convention event held in Malaysia has come and gone but its impact in the lives of Nigerian journalists who participated in the august event, still resonates as they shared their experiences on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

The webinar themed: “My V-CON Malaysia 2023 Experience: A Media Sharing Webinar.” was put together by International direct selling company, QNET, organizers of V-Convention in Malaysia, was held to give the journalists an opportunity to share their experiences at the convention.

Narrating her experience at the global convention, Veronica Dan Ikpoyi, a presenter with TVC News, said her experience at the V-Convention in Malaysia was electrifying.

According to her, “VCON was an electrifying experience for me. From the venue, I witnessed the energy of over 12 thousand participants, and how they all trooped out to learn from the QNET founder, Vijay Eswaran.

“It was electrifying, and like a carnival. A lot of people were looking forward to when the Founder of the company, Vijay Eswaran, “Eswaran worked in like a sun-god, yet showed so much humility to every participant, and acknowledge the contributions people have made in the QNET brand. Such humility is one leadership quality business leaders should learn from.

“Then, hearing QNET’s story and how they have run for 25 years, I deduced the resilience and impact that they have embodied. To run a business for such length shows how they have excelled in handling challenges and continued to impact in people lives.

“I like that QNET give multifaceted approach to training their marketers on ethical direct selling approach.

“And with what I saw at VCON, I now understand that QNET is not a get-rich-quick scheme that creates jobs through networking,” she said.

Also, Funmilola Gboteku, a reporter with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), expressed that VCON was an enlightening, and networking session that allowed her to connect with fellow journalists and QNET’s community.

“I was excited to attend such an event. I have never seen such a huge crowd converged at an event. VCON was an opportunity for customers to have deeper understanding of the company.

“I also gained eye-opening insights into several QNET products that were on display. Some of the products that impressed me the most are the Chi-Pendant, worn to protect one from electromagnetic fields, and other pollutants that pose real threats to health, and the Homepure Nova water filtration system, improves the antioxidant benefits in one’s drinking water.”

N’ankwat, sharing her experience and impression on some of QNET’s products, said “The Chi-Pendant is one technology that impressed me most.

“As I journalist, the pendant helps me relax better and wades off stress. I was also amazed at what I saw at the Quest International University in Malaysia. It is topnotch research based with a very innovative concept.

“The in-depth discussions and firsthand experiences, I got speaking with the QIU students, plus QNET customers and other stakeholders that converged at VCON debunked the misconception that direct selling is get-rich-quick scheme,” she pointed out.

Earlier, Biram Fall, QNET’s Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Manager, disclosed how the company entered Nigeria, saying “In April 2022, our official entry into Nigeria was marked by a significant partnership with Transblue Limited, a local customer service compliance and logistics company. Serving as our legal representative, Transblue aims to address logistical challenges in Nigeria’s market landscape. This partnership has been instrumental in connecting Nigerians to QNET’s global network and empowering the youths.”

On the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSRs) Fall said “Since our entry into the country, we have maintained our promise to introduce initiatives that foster growth and equip Nigerian youths with entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and anti-fraud awareness skills. One such initiative is FinGreen.

“FinGreen is QNET’s Signature Financial Literacy Programme, which aims to empower the youth and women to be financially literate and achieve financial freedom while building generational wealth. FinGreen plays a pivotal role in supporting the youth in emerging economies to reduce poverty through capacity building while equipping participants with basic financial literacy knowledge for better decision-making in their daily lives. Launched in June 2022, FinGreen has equipped over 1,200 youths in Nigeria with financial literacy.

“We have continued in our efforts to create a positive social impact for the underprivileged in society through donations to institutions such as the Bab Es Salaam Orphanage and The Little Saints Orphanage in Nigeria. These donations highlight our fundamental principles, which include providing support to all, including the vulnerable in society.

“In May, QNET, in partnership with Manchester City, organised a football clinic which saw 26 players aged Under 18 from six states in Nigeria engage in five training sessions, with one organized match to assess their capabilities. The footballers were given access to world-class football training and coaching by a team of experts led by Nigerian football legend and veteran coach Johannes Bonfrère,” Fall stated.

On QNET Product Expo in Abuja and Lagos the regional manager stated “In July and August 2023, QNET hosted two notable Product Expos in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. These expos presented a platform to showcase QNET’s diverse array of health and wellness products and services while deepening the understanding and appreciation of QNETS’s invaluable contributions to the communities in which we operate.

Speaking on VCON, he said “Annually, QNET brings together a diverse assembly of business leaders from different sectors and countries, including network marketing experts, international entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in Penang, Malaysia, for our flagship event – V-Convention. In September, QNET held V-Con 2023 in Malaysia, which had some selected journalists from tier-1 media outlets in Nigeria were invited to attend the event.

“V-Con 2023 in Malaysia was a pivotal five-day event for QNET’s customers and distributors. It provided a platform for deepening product knowledge, engaging with experts, and experiencing dynamic demonstrations. Attendees also benefited from business-building sessions and gained insights from accomplished distributors, solidifying our global commitment to growth and learning in the network marketing community,” Fall stated.


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