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Public Relations Practitioners Set to Mark 2022 World PR Day

Public relations practitioners around the world are gearing up for the second edition of World Public Relations Day (WPRD). Scheduled to take place on July 16, 2022, WPRD is inspired by a need to present a unified global agenda for a better understanding and utilization of public relations practice.

WPRD presents a unique platform for public relations and marketing communications practitioners across the globe to unite and stake a claim for the practice. As an annual global celebration dedicated to the virtues of truth, honesty and reputation management, WPRD is a global response to reposition public relations as a defining profession of the 21st century.

Themed “Trust, Truth and Transparency”, the second edition presents another opportunity for professionals to put forward a unified global agenda and propel one another to answer a call of duty, help stakeholders to communicate more responsibly, and be more deliberate about using public relations to help organizations make positive contributions to the environment and society in which they operate.

Set aside as a day dedicated to truth, honesty, and reputation management in a way that is beneficial to all people across the globe, July 16 also honors Ivy Lee, one of the pioneers of Public Relations practice who was born on the same date 145 years ago.

Speaking on the need to constantly communicate the importance of the global public relations practice, Ayeni Adekunle, CEO and founder, BHM and Convener, World PR Day, said, “Public relations is an essential ingredient in building relationships, preventing crises, achieving business objectives; pushing national interest, and preventing the kind of confusion that could ruin a company or lead nations to war.

“All over the world, people are bombarded daily with volumes of information. There is an urgent need for professionals, furnished with the right skills and bound by a unifying global agenda to cut through the noise. That is the genesis of WPRD.’’

During the maiden edition of World PR Day in 2021 more than 3,500 people from 15 countries participated in the global commemoration. Notable public relations agencies and associations across the world engaged in numerous activities from awareness campaigns to roadshows, multimedia content publishing and other activities.

Speaking on the planned activities this year, Stephen Waddington, a WPRD Committee Adviser and the Managing Partner, Wadds Inc., a professional advisory firm, said,

“COVID-19 has highlighted a range of broader societal considerations related to environmental concerns, social inequality, technology, and health. Organizations are reconsidering their role within this new operating context providing an opportunity for the public relations function to assert its role within management.

“With World PR Day, we’re ensuring public relations professionals across the world spearhead the right conversations to better position the industry in which we work.”

The 2022 celebration will incorporate several activities, including ‘MyPRStory’, an inclusive online campaign encouraging every PR professional to share unforgettable memories from their journey in the PR industry. Another aspect of the global celebration is ‘The PR Bible’. This is a crowdsourced repository of resources from practitioners across the world.

Organizers say there will also be a Fireside Chat to feature notable public relations professionals across the world to drive conversations and answer questions on trust, truth, and transparency.

Alastair McCapra, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR); Francis Ingham, Director General of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA); Nitin Mantri, President, International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO); Rachel Roberts President, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR); Sylvester Chauke, Chief Architect – DNA Brand Architects; Steve Barrett, Editorial Director, PRWeek and Emma Wenani Chief Director, GMA Worldwide, have been confirmed to speak at the event.

Going by the success of the maiden edition last year, it is expected that the 2022 edition of WPRD will feature even more participation from practitioners across the world as trade associations like The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) have announced planned activities for the day.

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