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Pan-Atlantic University @20: Okonedo Extols Institution’s Developmental strides

Professor Enase Okonedo, Vice-Chancellor- Pan-Atlantic University eulogised the remarkable developments PAU has witnessed within the last 20 years of its existence.

She stated this during a hybrid media parley held to commemorate twenty years of PAU existence.

The event was an avenue for some key officers of Pan-Atlantic University to share information on how far the university has come and where it is heading in the next couple of years.

The Vice-Chancellor further discussed how the university evolved into an institution with just one school but now has six Main Units and a museum.

She described the School of Science and Technology as the latest kid on the block, as the school is the newest unit in the university.

“PAU has a strong Christian identity. The truths Pan-Atlantic University shares as an institution are not only common to Christianity but other religions.

“The university has a strong pluralism and aims to approach the education for students in freedom and with freedom.”

Professor Chris Ogbechie, the Dean of Lagos Business School (LBS), described LBS as the child that gave birth to its mother. LBS was founded thirty years ago, Ten years before PAU.

“From the onset, Lagos Business School has and continues to be a world-class school that develops responsible leaders in management. Because of this, LBS places lots of emphasis on two areas which are Business Ethics and Sustainability.

“These two key areas are included in all programmes at LBS to ensure that the core values of integrity, professionalism, a spirit of service, mutual respect and community are upheld and lived out. The LBS MBA is rated number one in Africa”.

Dr Peter Bamkole, Director of The Enterprise Development Center (EDC), explained how the journey for programme attendees at EDC is unique.

According to him, ethics is a course taught across all EDC programmes and instilled into the minds of business owners.

The Dean of the School of Science and Technology (SST), Dr Darlington Agholor, discussed the development of SST and how the mission of PAU- to build competent professionals, ties in with the aim of SST. All undergraduate degrees offered by SST ensure the practical application of student learnings.

In response to questions from journalists, Dr Sola Oni, the Dean of the School of Management and Social Sciences, discussed the impact of the mentoring that students receive in the course of their studies at the university and once they leave.

Dr Ngozi Okpara, Acting Dean of the School of Media and Communication, touched upon the ethics and value of freedom in building competent professionals and ensuring students get a platform to showcase what they do.

In addition, Dr Peter Bamkole mentioned plans for opening an innovation hub on campus. “This will be a space where businesses or individuals can bring real-life business ideas and issues for students and researchers to work on and solve.”

In Summary, PAU has accomplishments over the years in the community endeavours to continue to do more by investing in the local community, contributing to the success of individuals and businesses, and building competent professionals.

The panel, moderated by Ehidamen Emiantor and Onyinyechi Ekumankama, included the Vice-Chancellor- Enase Okonedo, Dean of The School of Management and Social Sciences- Dr Sola Oni, Director of The Enterprise Development Center- Dr Peter Bamkole, Dean of The School of Science and Technology- Dr Darlington Agholor and the Acting Dean of the School of Media and Communication- Dr Ngozi Okpara. The Dean of Lagos Business School- Professor Chris Ogbechie, joined the media parley as an online panellist. Each panellist spoke about the development of their unit over the past few years.

L-R: Dean of The School of Management and Social Sciences, Dr Sola Oni; Director of The Enterprise Development Center, Dr Peter Bamkole; PAU VC, Prof. Enase Okonedo; Dean of The School of Science and Technology, Dr Darlington Agholor and the Acting Dean of the School of Media and Communication, Dr Ngozi Okpara at the media parley to mark 20 years anniversary of the institution

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