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Founder Institute Lagos Cohort IV begins February 2021

The Lagos ecosystem remains the role model ecosystem for the African continent.

To this end, Founder Institute Lagos, in partnership with Stanbic IBTC, continues to support the launching of more high-quality startups.

The current FI Lagos alumni portfolio is 60+ companies and as at today, about 15 founders have already registered for Cohort IV which is to kick off in February 2021.

The Founder Institute’s curriculum is a rigorous 14-weeks blended program which guides founders as they build their solutions, matches them with accomplished mentors who provide practical and real-time guidance, and helps founders grow their network and reach.

Every graduate company of FI Lagos is part of the global Founder Institute, a community that births innovative solutions that have not only been tested and validated but proven to be ground-breaking.

With the available support from mentors who are startup CEOs and top executives, founders are equipped with the needed skills and training for building sustainable businesses.

In the words of Ifedy Eze, Lead Director, Founder Institute Lagos, “we are excited to launch a new cohort. We believe that the future of Africa lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology and it is quite fulfilling to be on the driver’s seat on this journey.

“We are committed to launching impactful businesses that will leverage the force of technology to tackle some of Africa’s most intractable challenges”.

Commenting on the life-changing opportunity FI represents, Osiremiza Oyofo, founder, Hair Envy, said, “FI is an opportunity to open your mind far beyond what you thought was possible and is proof that thrusting yourself into difficult situations is the way to go! Your imagination will take you far but FI will take you further”.

The Founder Institute operates across 200+ cities and 6 continents, with 4,500+ Graduates building some of the world’s fastest-growing startups.

The founder of Izanu, Comfort Onyaga, eloquently expresses her admiration thus: “FI means resilience! Building a sustainable company against all odds and joining the bravest team of entrepreneurs is a journey to the other side of your fears which eventually births a sustainable startup.

Stanbic IBTC Founder Institute Lagos is also committed to increasing female inclusion and parity within the tech ecosystem with its Female Founder Initiative which supports the participation of more women in the program. Apply here if you are building or intend to launch a startup.

To demonstrate its earnestness in promoting gender equality within the ecosystem, the Institute has also increased female representation in the faculty of mentors to almost 40%. Founder Institute’s Regional Director for Africa, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. stated,

“As a team, we know that female leadership improves team dynamics and we are committed to supporting more women to participate actively in the tech ecosystem. We hope to assist them to become a part of the global FI movement.”

Cohort IV would once again run virtually in order to keep everyone safe. Apply here to be a part of Cohort IV of the FI Lagos Accelerator.

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