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QNET and Partners Award over N2million Prize to FinGreen Phase 2 Winners


QNET on Wednesday celebrated the graduation ceremony of the second phase of its FinGreen financial literacy program in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is an essential milestone in the firm’s commitment to empowering individuals and communities through the power of financial knowledge, the FinGreen graduation ceremony was a fitting tribute to the dedicated participants who completed the second phase of the program.

These individuals have gained invaluable financial knowledge and skills, propelling them toward a future where they can make informed financial decisions and manage their resources effectively.

Biram Fall, Regional General Manager of QNET’s Sub-Saharan Africa region, expressed immense pride in the impact achieved by FinGreen Nigeria in just two short months. He highlighted the interactive workshops and the unique train-the-trainer approach that empowered 25 FinGreen Ambassadors to educate over 750 young individuals in essential financial principles through the peer-to-peer module.

This initiative not only imparts practical insights into budgeting, savings, investment, and entrepreneurship but also cultivates informed decision-making. We firmly believe in promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing financial inclusion among youths to fuel economic growth and development, and the success of FinGreen Phase 2 stands as a testament to this commitment. Our heartfelt encouragement goes to the beneficiaries to become knowledge beacons, sharing their learnings within their communities,” he said.

FinGreen, QNET’s signature Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in Nigeria, aims to equip Nigerian youths and women with the financial literacy skills needed to achieve financial freedom. It seeks to train 6,000 young Nigerians in essential financial skills, including saving, budgeting, investment, entrepreneurial employability, and identifying financial opportunities.

FinGreen Phase 2 - QNET and Partners Award over N2million Prize to Financial Literacy Programme Winners (2)

Ajisafe Abiodun Hakeem, CEO and Managing Director of Transblue Nigeria Limited, shared his vision for FinGreen, which extends far beyond the initial goal of training 6,000 individuals. He emphasized that true economic impact in Nigeria can only be achieved by equipping citizens with the right financial knowledge. By doing so, people can make informed decisions, even in challenging economic times.

The execution of this training program, which aligns with the United Nations SDGs and the Addis Ababa Agenda to provide adequate skills and proper developmental training for all, particularly for youth, women and entrepreneurs, was made possible through invaluable partnerships.

Financial Literacy For All (FLFA), the program’s Content and Training partner, played a commendable role in developing all the training materials. They also conducted the Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop for the 25 alumni who would become FinGreen Ambassadors.

Another crucial partner, the Consumer Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation (CADEF), was responsible for recruiting, assessing, and tracking the participants’ performance. Their efforts were instrumental in monitoring learning outcomes and gauging development in various areas.

One of the standout features of FinGreen is its peer-to-peer training model. Young participants are trained to become FinGreen Ambassadors, who, in turn, train others within their communities. This ripple effect is at the heart of Fingreen’s mission to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

FinGreen’s success is evident in its remarkable achievements. In its inaugural phase, 20 Ambassadors were trained, and they went on to train 572 participants. Now, in Phase 2, 25 Ambassadors have emerged, and over 700 participants have received training in their communities. In total, FinGreen has empowered around 1,500 young people across Lagos, Ogun State, Osun, and Oyo states.

Professor Chiso Ndukwe-Okafor, Executive Director at CADEF, highlighted the importance of educating individuals not only in financial literacy but also in understanding that wealth encompasses physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. This holistic approach to wealth creation is what can drive lasting change.

The reason a lot of us don’t understand what to do with what is in our hands is because most of us have not been taught. Being taught financial literacy, it’s very important for everybody.

“They say in Nigeria we have a lot of problems which means there’s a lot of solutions waiting to be developed. Every problem has a solution or more than one solution.

“So this is creating opportunities in people’s minds to see and focus on solutions, not problems. Starting here, it’s something that takes us way ahead into the future of Nigeria,” she noted.

Laja Shoniran, Executive Director of Financial Literacy for All, recognizes the dire need for financial literacy not only in Nigeria but across Africa. In contrast to countries like the United States, where financial literacy is highly promoted, there’s a lack of stability in financial education programs in Nigeria. The work being done by FinGreen is poised to change that narrative.

Financial literacy is very key to every one of us no matter what level you are. Unfortunately, all across the world, it’s in dire need. In America, they have a whole month dedicated to financial literacy. That’s to tell you how important it is. But in Nigeria and Africa at large, we don’t have such, although some African countries such as Namibia, Ghana and Nigeria have tried it, but it’s not stable.”

FinGreen is Investing in the Future 

FinGreen Phase 2 - QNET and Partners Award over N2million Prize to Financial Literacy Programme Winners
Beneficiaries of Awards at the ceremony

Among the graduates of the program, three participants stood out for their exceptional performance during peer-to-peer training. They were awarded seed funding and e-learning vouchers for courses on QNET’s learning platform. The first runner-up received N500,000, the second runner-up received N750,000, and the winner received N1 million.

Temitope Glory Adesemowo, the program’s winner, is determined to pass on the legacy of wealth creation to the next generation. She recognizes that true wealth is not just about being rich; it’s about creating a lasting impact through wise investments and financial discipline.

On what made her standout, she said: “I was myself all through the program, not trying to impress. I had my mind set on doing this and doing this well, my priority was not about me doing it well, but making sure that my students understood what I was going there to do. Even when it wasn’t convenient for me, I had my mind set up on these people understanding what I was going there to do. I achieved that.”

She attributes her success to her mentors and supportive family who played an important role in her journey.

The seed capital is not just about creating an initial boost; it’s about setting an example,” Ajisafe Abiodun Hakeem, CEO and Managing Director of Transblue Limited said. “QNET and Transblue recognize that entrepreneurship and self-reliance are key to economic growth. Therefore, they support participants through internships and mentorship until they can start their businesses.”

FinGreen’s second-phase graduation is not just a celebration of individual achievements but also a reiteration of the transformative power of financial literacy. QNET, Transblue, and partners are lighting the way toward a brighter and more financially empowered future for Nigeria’s youth. Through knowledge sharing, mentorship, and a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, they are sowing the seeds of economic growth and sustainable development in the nation.

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