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OnePipe Unveils Growth Lab to Empowers Nigeria’s Informal Sector

OnePipe, leading fintech company in Nigeria, recently concluded “The Growth Lab”, an educational platform specifically curated for Nigeria’s retailers and distributors in the informal sector.

The event was a pivotal part of OnePipe’s vision and mission, underlining the company’s commitment to the democratisation of financial technology and support for grassroots businesses in Nigeria

“The Growth Lab was crafted with the intent of supporting the core of Nigeria’s economy – the informal sector, by providing them with actionable financial tools to foster growth and sustainability,” expressed Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu, Head of Operations at OnePipe. “This initiative is a clear indication of our unwavering commitment to promoting financial inclusion, economic advancement, and individual wealth within Nigeria’s expansive, yet overlooked informal economy.”

The informal economy in Nigeria, which accounts for approximately 65% of the country’s GDP, houses millions of retailers and distributors. With the right financial tools, these entrepreneurs have the potential to transform their businesses. ‘The Growth Lab’ showcased this potential, primarily through a compelling keynote speech by Yemi Chukwurah, CEO, Seams and Stitches Limited, which elucidated OnePipe’s blueprint for using digital instruments to uplift these professionals.

One notable tool, GrowTrade, was prominently featured during ‘The Growth Lab’. GrowTrade is a cutting-edge platform devised to assist distributors and retailers in enhancing their businesses. Attendees were privy to genuine testimonials from a distributor and a retailer who have reaped substantial benefits from GrowTrade, witnessing a remarkable amplification in their business trajectory.

The occasion also encompassed engaging breakout sessions that spotlighted new OnePipe initiatives and methodologies for harnessing customer service for expansion. The day culminated in a robust Q&A dialogue centred on financial inclusion, a topic of paramount importance in Nigeria’s fiscal milieu.

The Growth Lab event symbolises a platform, a declaration, and a pledge. We, at OnePipe, recognize the latent potential of our retailers and distributors. The Growth Lab was conceptualised to harness this potential, propelling growth, enhancing efficiency, and edging us closer to our envisioned future – a Nigeria where financial freedom is accessible to all,” declared Abang Emenyi, Head of Growth and Marketing at OnePipe, who concluded the event.


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