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Three Ships from Big Brother Titans Everyone is Rooting For

The debut season of Big Brother Titans has been dramatic, especially in the romance and ‘ships’ department. The Nigerian and South African housemates caught on like fire to crude oil, but even housemates from the same country seemed to catch feelings. This season has given us circles, triangles, and even pyramids, depending on how you see it.

However, some ships have started stabilising. Fans are rooting for the housemates to figure it out, either in the house or outside. Here are some of the couples we are rooting for the most:

1. Yvonne and Juicy J

By the one-month mark in the house, Juicy J and Yvonne had begun to make it clear they only wanted to be with each other. During the Valentine’s Day event, Juicy Jay sang and publicly declared his feelings for his sweetheart, and things seemed to get serious afterwards. Yvonne had earlier said she didn’t come on BBTitans to make connections, but she took it back at the 9th live show after Ebuka teased her about mourning Juicy J’s exit from the house. We hope they find a way to make things work when they are both out of the house.

2. Marvin and Yaya

They were partners in the house, but Yaya liked Marvin and was vocal about her feelings. However, Marvin seemed determined not to be tied down in the game and moved between Jaypee and Blue Aiva. However, after they left the house, he seemed more invested in building a relationship with Yaya. A few days after their eviction, he bought her an iPhone 13. He’s also been speaking sweetly about her. He said in an interview, “for Yaya, it was a beautiful connection. Coming to the house, it was as though we connected immediately. It started off with little flirtations, despite having a good connection and the emotions being there.” Yaya also seems to reciprocate the feelings, saying, “Having Marvin as my partner made the journey a lot easier for me because he would just lead, and I follow his notion.” Interestingly, Yaya came to Lagos earlier this month they shared a few sweet moments with fans. This might just be the hint that the ‘Maya’ ship is still sailing.

3. Kanaga and Tsatsi

These two gravitated towards each other quite smoothly. However, with Kanaga being rather strategic, it can sometimes be hard to tell if he’s playing a game or being sincere. In the rare moments where he lets his guard down around Tsatsii, it’s clear that he at least cares for her. These two are as adorable as a couple gets, and they give viewers all the feels. We hope they get to stay in the house till the finale and figure things out outside of the house. No pressure!

These housemates may join the other happily married Big Brother alumni like Khafi and Gedoni, Bam Bam and Teddy A, or Quinn Sieber and Jennifer Mussanhane; and Meryl Shikwambane and Mwisho Mwampamba.

Still, the show is on and airing 24/7 on DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 29, so fans have to keep their fingers crossed to see what happens next, especially after Ipeleng seems to be jumping ship from Lukay to Miracle over the past few days.


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