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WEETS 2022 Aims to Reskill Women to Thrive in Digital Economy –Ugochi Emmanuel

The organizer of the Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs and Executives in Tech Summit (WEETS) has disclosed that the aim of this year’s edition is to reskill women and girls to thrive in the digital economy being championed by the Nigerian government.

In a statement in Lagos, the organizer, TECHLife Media & Communications specifically said this is why the theme of the event, which is scheduled to take place on September 15th at the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos is ‘Reskilling Women & Girls to Thrive in the Digital Economy.’

Quoting Ugochi Emmanuel, Event Coordinator, the statement said the central objective of Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs and Executives in Tech Summit (WEETS) 2022 is to, amongst other things, inspire women to take on entrepreneurship opportunities, leadership position and play active roles in the evolving digital Economy

“This Conference will highlight opportunities available for women by bridging the digital divide while expanding new ideas on ICT and telecoms, thereby positioning them to effectively play a formidable role in the Nigerian tech space. It will also celebrate the Women, who are already blazing the trail in the Nigeria’s ICT ecosystem,” it said.

According to the organizer, the Summit will bring together stakeholders, especially women in major economic sectors, policy making, regulatory services, business, fashion, science, media arts, entertainment, education and health and the impact of TECH in their businesses.

It will also show how women can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the technological age to improve their lives, careers and businesses.

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