The family of the late Usifo Ataga called on the police to go beyond the arrest of their suspected killer by conducting a full investigation to shed light on the case.

The appeal is contained in a statement signed by Olusegun Jolaawo, Senior Advocate Nigeria (SAN), on behalf of law firm Rickey Tarfa & Co, family lawyer Sunday in Abuja.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that Ataga, who was declared missing for the first time on Sunday June 13 in Lagos, was allegedly killed by his girlfriend and University of Lagos student.

He was until his gruesome murder the Managing Director of Super TV in Lagos.

In the titled statement, the lawyer urged perpetrators of malicious social media posts to refrain from posting lies that undermine the integrity of the deceased, his wife and children or that are the subject of of legal proceedings.

He also urged Nigerians to allow the police to conduct their investigations without any distraction or interference.

“We know the suspect (name withheld) has been arrested and we know the investigation is continuing.

“Our client, however, is convinced that there is much more to this than what already emerges from the police investigation.

“It has become evident that because of the variety and malice inherent in most media publications, they are planted to embarrass and slander Usifo Ataga, Brenda Ataga and the family,” the statement read in part.

He also claimed that the posts served as a smokescreen to allow perpetrators of the heinous crime to cover their tracks.

“Our client appreciates the efforts of law enforcement in their investigations so far and will not go into details regarding any of these false stories so as not to inadvertently help the perpetrators to cover up their cases. traces. “

The lawyer lamented that the tragic incident of the cold-blooded murder of the late Ataga flooded all layers of the media with inconceivable stories peddled on all kinds of platforms about the incident and, therefore, called on the publishers of unfounded stories.

“Our client is asking the well-meaning public to allow the family to mourn their deceased son, father and husband with a little privacy and decency.

“Our client is also very sensitive to the unrestrained activity of bloggers on the social media space regarding this incident and strongly demands that said bloggers stop peddling lies aimed at slandering the deceased, his wife and children.

“The family will not be intimidated by the activities of these bloggers and will insist that the police be allowed to do their job.

“Our client hereby requests that the false publications and the many ordinarily unrelated stories and photos of the late Ataga and Brenda Ataga be removed with immediate effect.

“Failing that, our client will take prompt and appropriate action to seek redress for apparent cases of defamation and slander, if any,” he added. (NAN)


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