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Execution of Six Igbo Soldiers Untrue – Says Coalition of Youth Groups

The Nigerian Army, on its social media handle, has described as false, fake news and malicious the allegation that six Igbo Christian soldiers, attached to the Armory Department of the Nigerian Army, Abacha Barracks in Abuja were secretly executed.

In like manner, a communiqué of a coalition of youth groups in Nigeria at the press conference which held at ELFON secretariat, Abuja on Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021, also dispelled the allegation as untrue.

The communiqué which was made available to NAOSRE reads: “The attention of the coalition of youth groups in Nigeria comprising the Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN), Niger Delta Youth Council, Igbozurumee Youth Council, Arewa Youth Counci, Oo’dua Youth Vanguard, Nigerian Students Parliament (NSP), and 34 other Youth Organizations too numerous to mention ably superintended by the Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) have been drawn to a baseless report made by one Barr. E.R Okoroafor who claimed that six Igbo Christian Nigerian soldiers were secretly executed in the federal capital, Abuja, after a hasty secret trial at which they were denied legal representation of their choice.

“Okorafor from investigation is said to be leading a shadowy coalition of acclaimed rights activists and scholars that alleged the above mention matter earlier today, Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

As Nigerian Youths, we can no longer fold our hands to see things done falsely and mischievously. If really E.R Okoroafor is a genuine lawyer as he masquerades about and in the light of the weighty allegation, he should have sought for redress through the legal means instead of playing to the gallery by making mischievous publication that are capable of breaching the peace of our dear Nation.

We actually wonder the type of mind this type of human being has. We equally wonder how he sleeps at night after telling these stupid lies just to blackmail people and please his pay masters.

We wonder what his intentions are if not to instigate tribal war or another civil uprising. What does he want?

Somebody like Gen Buratai who has meritorious and selflessly served his country for over 35 years, instead of all and sundry to appreciate him, here we are few rogues like the Okoroafors are mischievously and falsely accusing him of killing 6 soldiers of Igbo extraction.

After independent thorough investigation, we hereby state that there is no secret court martial in the history of the Nigerian Army as claimed in their false and mischievous publication.

Above all, Okoroafor and his supporters should tell the world the real identities of the so called soldiers that were allegedly executed. He should tell the world where were they executed and where are their dead bodies? Who was the president of the so called secret court Marshall and who are the members? What are their offences/ ingredients of the offences? Where is the court martial sitting?

We therefore, call on the Nigerian Army to consider a court action against E.R Okoroafor and his co men of evil deeds to serve as deterrent to other hired mischievous propagandists who are all out for the highest bidders.

Generally, from our independent investigation, there is no iota of truth in the nonsense Okoroafor is saying. We challenge him to produce evidence as we believe the names he mentioned are fake. We will no longer tolerate any unpatriotic behavior borne out of mere quest for cheap and stupid popularity. Never again.

We are poised to ensure that Nigeria remains one united indivisible country against all human machinations.

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