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FXTM Launches School of Financial Investing and Trading in Nigeria

FXTM, part of the Exinity Group, has announced the launch of its FXTM School of Financial Investing and Trading (FIT). 

FIT is a comprehensive knowledge and skills building program designed for traders seeking financial inclusion through the world of trading.

Participants in the FIT program will enjoy interactive learning sessions delivered by market experts through a mix of face-to-face and online sessions.

Through a four-course module, both novice and more experienced traders will be able to build the know-how needed to succeed in trading the financial markets:

First phase, The Beginner. This kick-off course covers the basics of the financial markets and how trading works.

Second phase, The High-School. Attendees will learn simple trading strategies and the importance of risk management.

Third phase, The Undergraduate.  Practical workshops to apply knowledge gained to date as well as a deep-dive into technical trading covering Pivot Points, Indicators, and Oscillators.

Fourth phase, The Graduate. The final module offers students the chance to choose an elective course such as Trader Psychology, Harmonic Patterns, or Eliot Wave Theory and more.

Abiola Akinyele, country director of FXTM Nigeria, said: “By working closely with our clients we have observed that, despite the abundance of trading information available online, many of our clients are looking for more personalised and interactive learning experiences”.


“Over the last few years we have seen huge growth in FX trading, and a corresponding demand for support and coaching from traders who want to build their knowledge and skills.

“In 2019, Nigerian traders delivered $314 million of daily turnover in the global forex market, and with the global pandemic of 2020 driving even more interest in financial markets we expect this growth to continue”, adds Akinyele.


A pilot of the FIT program was launched in November, welcoming over 800 attendees to take one of the FIT course across three of Exinity’s training centres in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.


Commenting on the interactive FIT sessions, Felix Appah, a participant from Abuja said: “After attending the Financial Fitness Seminar, I got inspired to learn about forex trading to use it as a means to earn additional income and decided to join the Get Market FIT workshop.

“The sessions helped with learning more strategies to improve our trading capabilities”.

Similarly, Anyagu Johnson Chijioke, another FIT attendee said his motivation to join was to improve “knowledge on forex trading and control losses”. Upon completion, Chijioke commented:

“I can boldly say I have acquired a basic knowledge in trading strategies and risk management to test the market.

“I hope for more seminars where FXTM’s experienced and professional trainers can continue to disseminate and transfer knowledge to us”.

Phase two of the FIT programme will begin next year, followed by phase three and four.

Interested attendees can register through the MyFXTM client portal.


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