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BlackHouse Media Launches Plaqad A Global Communications Platform

BlackHouse Media (BHM), one of the most successful PR companies to come out of Africa, is launching Plaqad, a global automated communications platform that looks to help brands, agencies and individuals run end-to-end social and web campaigns.

Plaqad is the first solution in the world to offer a one-stop-shop for all things needed to implement a successful marketing campaign.

Earlier in June, the company, Plaqad, launched its initial offering, SocialCred, a free influencer and social media ranking tool that leverages non-traditional metrics to measure influence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

SocialCred provides social media users with actionable insights to grow their influence, while providing brands with sufficient data on influencers to make informed decisions on which creator to partner with. The tool, by downplaying traditional metrics like reach and impressions, also helps to counter influencer fraud and measure real engagement.

“Plaqad, a contorted way of spelling the word ‘placard,’ is a protest against the norm; the traditional forms of communication that disenfranchise brands and individuals from effectively making their voices heard because of budget, location or size,” said BlackHouse Media and Plaqad Founder, Ayeni Adekunle.

“As the first marketing software company from Africa launching on a global stage, we understand and recognize the importance of being heard, hence our mantra, ‘Make your voice heard’.”

Ayeni founded BlackHouse Media over 14 years ago, building up a roster of top-tier clients such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, MultiChoice, ViacomCBS, MTN and Reckitt Benckiser, and a workforce of nearly 100. “We conceived the idea for Plaqad to help democratize an important aspect of modern communications,” said Adekunle.

End-to-End Communications Platform
Plaqad integrates the features of an online freelance marketplace and a robust social media tracking analytics platform to help brands seamlessly connect with their target audience. It provides them with the people, platforms and tools they need to succeed, eliminating the need for expensive third-party tools.

“Our platform gives every individual and brand a voice in the marketplace by opening up access to quality talent and tools and automating the entire process of executing PR and marketing campaigns,” said Plaqad CEO Gbenga Sogbaike. “Plaqad levels the playing field, giving SMBs the ability to connect to quality service providers regardless of budget, while also tracking their campaigns realtime right in one place.”

Plaqad provides a seamless talent solution and analytics platform for individuals and brands who want to run data-driven and cost-effective social and web campaigns in record time.

Ranking Influence
SocialCred is Plaqad’s response to the mushrooming issue of influencer fraud and fake news. Its algorithm measures real influence and minimizes influencer fraud by downplaying traditional metrics like follower count, reach and impressions, focusing instead on engagement rate, audience sentiments (positive, neutral or negative), content quality and the creators’ ratio of original to shared posts within a 30-day window.

While designed as a tool for influencers and the brands that want to engage with them, the free app is available to all social media users. Individuals are awarded badges – titled A-Lister, Big Shot, Socialite, Trend Setter, JJC, Superstar, and Learner – based on their rankings.

Beyond the fun factor, SocialCred’s badges serve an important function, helping brands assess and select influencers based on their influence quotient across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The platform makes it easier for brands to find genuine influencers who can drive real actions.
It also helps influencers to get better – and acquire bigger and better badges – by offering tips and tools to boost their visibility and social credibility.

“We have a fake news problem across Africa and the world, and Plaqad is here to distinguish the real from the fake,” says Plaqad CEO Gbenga Sogbaike. “SocialCred, our first tool, does just that, promoting transparency in influencer marketing and helping to counter influencer fraud. SocialCred separates real influencers from those simply faking it.”

The Plaqad marketplace and analytics platform will be in full release beginning November 30. From November 30 through December 15, Plaqad is offering brands, agencies and individuals the opportunity to test drive the game-changing platform at no cost. For more information, visit

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